The OPEN FOOD SYSTEM is a large-scale research and development structuring project at the convergence point of several activity segments including the agri-food business, electrical domestic appliances and digital content and services segments.

As with numerous types of content which have become digital in recent years in the music, video, photography and publishing fields and have altered the manner of use and profoundly changed the economy of these sectors, the same is true for cooking, where many recipes are already in digital form. However, users are not fully benefiting from the opportunities offered by new technologies.

Les partenaires

The OPEN FOOD SYSTEM brings together 25 partners, 2 large international companies, the SEB Group and the BONNET THIRODE GRANDE CUISINE Group, 6 technology SMEs, 15 research laboratories and 1 association. These industrial and scientific partners are stakeholders from the 6 competitiveness clusters, the Cap Digital worldwide cluster for digital content and services, 3 agri-food business clusters, the Vitagora cluster (taste, nutrition, health), the Aquimer cluster (aquatic products) , the Agrimip Innovation cluster (agricultural and agro-industrial products), the Imaginove cluster (video games, audiovisual, cinema, animation and multimedia) and a micro-techniques and mechanical cluster, the Micro-Techniques Cluster.

The consortium, which brings together actors with highly complementary skills and R&D fields at the convergence of the digital and agri-food business sectors, is split into five regions: Ile-de-France, Bourgogne, Franche-Comté, Rhône-Alpes, Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Midi-Pyrénées.

This finding is the origin of the Open Food System, which brings together two research and innovation programmes combining hardware and software, the latest micro-technical technologies, information processing and innovative digital services and content based around the "digital kitchen". The OUR RECIPES programme is run by the SEB Group, the world leader in small domestic appliances, the second programme, OPTICOOK, is conducted by the BONNET THIRODE GRANDE CUISINE Group, the leading French producer of catering equipment. The SEB Group is taking part in these two research and innovation programmes and managing the project.

The ambition is to construct a reference ecosystem for what will be the digital kitchen, providing cooking enthusiasts who already use electrical domestic appliances, with innovative content and services from the agri-food business, retail, services to individuals, publishing and digital systems sectors.

To encourage companies in the digital (Cap Digital), agri-foods (Vitagora, Aquimer, Agrimip Innovation), animated images (Imaginove) and microtechnical and mechanical (Microtechniques) fields to test and develop new content and services without waiting for the end of the project, a platform called LABCOOK and its Living Labs will be put in place and will be open to all these SMEs, stakeholders in these fields and interested research laboratories.

OUR RECIPES programme

As food is a daily priority, the enhancement of digital solutions linked to recipes represents a unique opportunity to rethink and reinvent the concepts of simplification and enrichment of users' daily lives.

Recipes in digital form may become one of the most efficient vehicles to speed up the democratisation of digital usages in daily life.

The OUR RECIPES programme aims to develop complete innovative solutions which will form the basis of user experiences in the kitchen of the future via 5 key points:

  • the structuring of digital recipe data on a universal rich data format;
  • the offer of recipes and menus using a recommendation engine based on personalised user profiles;
  • communication via automated domestic appliances that can understand these recipes and successfully create and reproduce them in a simple way;
  • physical measurement devices to contribute to improve everyday well-being;
  • an international community of cooking enthusiasts.

The research focus of the OUR RECIPES programme

  • Setting a rich standard for digital recipes
  • Optimisation of the interpretation of recipe content
  • Creation of a "cooking experience" ecosystem using LABCOOK
  • Communication between cooking equipment to provide a successful recipe for the consumer
  • Promote French cooking heritage and skills in other countries notably through the LeFoodle community

Prototype v2 of OUR RECIPES programme - April 2014